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MUDr. Václav Vydra’s herbal concentrate

Bearing herbs: blueberry leaf, knot-grass, strawberry, lady’s mantle, dill, devilwood

Its task is to:

  • reduce mold, itching, reinforce vessels and skin against cracking
  • improve peripheral vascularization, reduce the risk of atherosclerosis
  • moderate feeling of thirst, prolong urination intervals, improve digestion
  • improve tolerance to insulin
  • moderate negative action of some medicines in stomach and intestines

RECOMMENDED DAILY DOSE a teaspoon three times a day. ---300 ml = 90 doses

Dysbolism, diabetes mellitus, which strikes majority of a human organism is associated with numerous difficulties. These usually worsen with gaining years, adverse external effects, limited immunity, easy start of infection, quicker progress of vascular system sclerosing (risk of heart-attack, cerebral apoplexy, closure of peripheral arteries), improper nutrition of nerve cells, changes in retinae, failure of blood filtration through kidneys, formation of necrosis and ulcers mainly on legs and fingers and eczema and inflammations with tenacious molds. We can say that type 1 diabetes itself shortens life. Systematic taking of DIAMID minimizes the risk of the above-sated accompanying complications.
The herbal mixtures were originally used for auxiliary treatment of pregnant women with diabetes, which suffered from presence of sugar in urine associated with itching of skin, mucous membrane, restlessness, lack of appetite and vomiting.  Having proved successful, DIAMID started to be used by diabetics, who were taking per oral antibiotics and were on diet.  In the end, DIAMID was taken by diabetics taking insulin with advanced associated complications (diabetic ulcers on legs, diabetic gangrene and serious vascular disorders in lower limbs, people with mo eczemas, diabetic retinopathy – non-inflammatory retinae disease or major neuropathy and after cerebral apoplexy).

 All of them noted improvement, and after several weeks of taking, also recovery.  Patients after cerebral apoplexy and those with neuropathy noted remarkably fast improvement.  Ulcers and molds were recovered after 2 months.
At the beginning of their disease, the diabetics have no idea of the complications they will have to face and they cannot note effects of DIAMID yet, as they do not have their own experience.  In their case, it is a preventive measure enabling them to prolong their full-value life. An advantage is taking in case of various infections (influenza, sore throat, bronchitis), which they suffer more often than healthy people and the course is mostly more complicated and longer.  It has not become a common practice to carry out microbial examination for mold after antibiotics treatment or use antifungal agents after passed disease. Continuously dosed DIAMID intensifies action of antibiotics and avoids reproduction of mold in intestine and on skin.  More diabetics suffer from hypertension due to artery atherosclerosis. In such case, it is appropriate to combine the treatment with saponin and anti-aggregation activity (reduce the blood sedimentation rate using YUCCA shidigera 98,5%), which avoids calcium salt sedimentation and dissolves fibrinous plaques on vessel wall, facilitates secretion of degraded proteins and avoids thrombus formation or dissolves them. Such combination is successful mainly in case of peripheral disorders of vascular system, such as varicose ulcers, myospasm, dry finger necrosis (diabetic leg) and Burger disease with complete embolism.
DIAMID has a major stabilization effect in case of retinae disorders, when the eye vessel sclerosis impairs sight and retinae detaches. It also spreads cataract and reproduces bead foresight, cracking vessels on white of the eye.
A remarkable effect was noted with diabetics after cerebral apoplexy. If the patients take DIAMID as a metabolism support, their condition improves evidently and rehabilitation is significantly better and shorter. Another positive effect was noted with young girls suffering from anorexia (lack of appetite) or bulimia (voracity), who lost significant weight. Re-alimentation (alimentation restoration) of these patients is difficult, DIAMID affects sugar metabolism, and therefore, gaining weight is not associated with digestive problems and mental condition is significantly better (brain runs on sugar). Taking of DIAMID has no time limit. The first patients have been taking it for almost 30 years.Addiction or side effects are not known (observed for 15 years).

MUDr. Václav Vydra, gynecologist and acupuncturist, Aš

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