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Beneflamus bohemikus
koncentrát 300 ml

Beneflamus bohemikus

Beneflamus bohemikus

MUDr. Václav Vydra’s herbal concentrate

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Bearing herbs: parsley, rosemary, salvia, valerian, mallow, nettle, guarana.
Supports full-value life even at older age and has positive effects on:

  • men’s prostate
  • health condition of women during and after climacterium
  • psyche, nerve functions, cardiac-vascular disorders
  • joint mobility, rheumatic pain
  • digestion, urinary and venereal problems

Recommended Daily Dose a tea-spoon three times a day in the first week, afterwards only twice a day. ---300 ml = 90 doses
The mix of medicinal plants contains typical Central European species with hundreds of years of tradition in use. The modern times have enabled to combine properties of the individual plants, their composition in the chemical term, traditional and newly discovered curative effects and the specification to appropriately use interaction in a lower dose, thus eliminating time limit of taking. Good balance guarantees a slight start of action and the mix can be used without limitation on the provision of adhering to the recommended daily dose. The plant extract was originally focused on eliminating changes and disorders associated with climacterium and aging in general. The action later appeared to inhibit other symptoms of natural aging and its difficulties, as well.
The aging process is a complex of changes, which arise unobtrusively and feature gradual inhibition of functions of various organs, longer rehabilitation after disease, feeling tired and higher occurrence of temporary difficulties with various organs (muscles, joints, digestion, cardiac efficiency disorders, bad patency of arteries and veins, tendency to swelling, skin dermatatrophia, formation of moles, headaches, hypersensitiveness to atmospheric effects or hot fit or cold-bloodedness, mental unstableness and unpleasantly reduced performance in general). Regular taking of BENEFLAMUS significantly moderates the above-listed symptoms and its effects make people feel better, unambiguously describing equanimity and better performance.
It is really complement to what the translation of BENEFLAMUS means – good flame. Dosing: a tea-spoon three times a day in the first week, afterwards only twice a day.

Side effects are not known, relative is allergy to some of the listed herbs. Besides the listed herbs, the herbal concentrate contains guarana in the quantity corresponding to a daily dose of 80 mg. The action of guarana consists in mental stimulation and regulation of balance of vegetative nervous system controlling functions of many organs and the vascular system. It improves mental vigilance, helps against tiredness, improves pertinacity and physical immunity. It slows down the aging process, helps with digestion disorders, against excess weight by activating the need of motion, positively affects potency. It has lipolytic and vasodilatation properties improving and even eliminating symptoms of atherosclerosis.  It has properties similar to Acylpyrin, as it moderates the risk of thrombosis formation.  Its name BENEFLAMUS means good flame, so it describes a wish of many men and women to have energy required for active life even at older age.

MUDr. Václav Vydra, gynecologist and acupuncturist, Aš

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