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Benedikt lékařský - bylinné tablety

Benedikt lékařský

Cnicus Benedictus – herbal tablets

Product Price :  

(The price is only approximate; at purchase it is converted automatically in the current exchange rate and the respective currency).

Package: 60 tablet a 600mg

The herbal tablets contain: Cnicus benedictus, swine’s snout, Inulin


Helps to:


  • maintain proper intestinal functions
  • tonize organism against flatulence
  • support healthy intestinal microflora
  • support optimum level of uric acid in organism
  • maintain good fighting power against intensive fermentative and putrefactive processes in alimentary tract


Use: Recommended Daily Dose:

 - when required, children from 3 years of age 2 tablets, adults up to 4 tablets a day.

 Appropriate combination: 

Cnicus benedictus, Diamid concentrate – for proper physical functions with diabetes (rhexis, blood circulation, etc.)
Cnicus benedictus, Yucca shidigera 98,5% - for proper function of intestines and kidneys
Cnicus benedictus, Antistress – for healthy gallbladder pancreas, reduces stress
Cnicus benedictus, Inulin tablets – for healthy intestinal microflora


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