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HEMANN, s.r.o. was established in 1994 by Czech owners for purposes of processing guarana into tablets and elixirs. The product range started to expand later, with tonics made from medicinal plants, as well as with production of curative cosmetics until the present standard.

Along with acquiring expertise in input quality, considerate processing and extraction of medicinal plants, the company was expanding its product range. Efficient cooperation of our specialists with doctors, mainly with MUDr. Václav Vydra, brought deeper knowledge of efficiency of products made from medicinal plans, having wide-spectrum effect characteristic for the medicinal plants used, i.e. herbal tonics (efficiency in compliance with herbarium, see Dr. Mathioli, J.A. Zentrich, Ing. Janča, Mária Treben, Daniel B. Mowrey, and others) and not production from purposeful extracts, when production is significantly simpler and less expensive, however, with a limited spectrum of effects.

Extracts are usually focused on one active substance, when the effect is more penetrative in its direction, however, rather different in relation to effect of the herb used. This knowledge was reflected in production processes and the company, therefore, does not use them for production of nutriment supplements from medicinal plants.

"The tonics will perhaps be associated mainly with phytotherapy once, because it is absolutely clear that only the entire plant has its typical tonizing properties, and no synthetic drugs or insulated herbal components can be identified as tonics. A tonic adjusts activity of any bodily system to an optimum operating range that is controlled by numerous feedback loops. These loops help maintain various contradictory processes and actions in balance. The balance means health or good condition." (Daniel B. Morwey - Herbal Tonic Therapies 1993).

During its existence, HEMANN, s.r.o. has become renowned mainly for high concentration of herbs in products, and thus appropriate efficiency of produced herbal tonics.

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