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Ginkgo Maca 80%
100 tablet á 600 mg

Ginkgo Maca 80%


Ginkgo Maca 80%

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Bearing herbs – Peruvian cress (maca), ginkgo

For improvement of brain activity, limb vascularization and reproduction capabilities

Its task is to:

  • improve memory, ability to recollect information and orientation
  • improve response time, improve blood flow rate, limb diathermy
  • antarthritic effect
  • efficient prevention against sudden cerebral apoplexies
  • improve physical and mental performance
  • improve reproduction capabilities
  • support prevention against preliminary aging


Most doctors recommend Ginkgo biloba as a nutriment supplements mostly to students, intellectuals and all people over 50 years of age!

The product is an efficient combination of two supplementing well-known and efficient currant herbs in extraordinary concentration - Ginkgo biloba (240 mg) and Maca (240 mg).

RECOMMENDED DAILY DOSE 1 to 2 tablets. ---100 tablet, 600 mg each

Ginkgo biloba (maidenhair tree) has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for curing aphrenia and senility, asthma, cough, high blood pressure, angina pectoris and as an agent with positive action on disorders of peripheral parts of blood circulation.

It supports blood circulation in brain and is used for curing cerebral vascular insufficiency, migraine, dizziness and memory disorders.  Ginkgo biloba protects cerebral cells against destruction by free radicals and against preliminary aging. It increases the standard of information process on the nervous basis, improves important cerebral functions , such as memory, brightness, information processing and feedback with endocrine system. It is critical for prevention and treatment of brain damage, perception disorders and Alzheimer type aphrenia.

At an older age, the noradrenergous system (especially in brain) starts to weaken, and as a result, the person starts noting amnesia, dislogia and impaired focus. As Ginkgo biloba re-activates cells in cerebral cortex, is important for preliminary aging prevention. There have been a number of studies recently conducted in Europe, which prove that administration of 120 mg of Ginkgo biloba every day resulted in a dramatic improvement of condition of the tested people suffering from aphrenia.  Or, in tests when they received 600 mg of Ginkgo biloba, they had significantly better results of recent memory (readiness and brightness twice as fast) than persons who have received placebo.  In general, we can state that daily use of 240 mg results in significant improvement that becomes evident usually after 30 to 90 days.

Maca (Peruvian cress) is used mainly as efficient aphrodisiac and for production of preparations used against certain reproduction and sexual disorders, such as sterility, impotence, limited libido and problems associated with climacterium.  Positive action of Maca was also noted in treatment of rheumatism, high blood pressure, neurosis, anemia, lack of appetite, chronic congestion and respiration diseases.

The pharmaceutical action of Maca is probably a result of entire complex of substances. One of the critical compounds includes alkaloids, mainly macain I-IV, stimulating sexual activity, thyroid action and effecting metabolism.  It also includes isothiocyanates, which have significant aphrodisiacal action.

Our product GINKGOMACA 80% is traditionally designed as a product with maximum content of both currant herbs with concurrent minimization of synthetic substances.


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