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Inulín + vitamin C
80 tablet á 1100 mg

 Inulín + vitamin C (prebiotikum)


Inulin + vitamin C (prebiotics)

Product Price :        80 toffees

(The price is only approximate; at purchase it is converted automatically in the current exchange rate and the respective currency).

Recommended Daily Dose 1 to 3 tablets as required.

Inulin and oligofructose – soluble pulp - prebiotics

Inulin + vitamin C in toffees, 1100 mg each.

Composition: inulin 825 mg (from chicory), fructose, vitamin C 136,4 mg (225 % of a daily dose in 1 tablet), beta carotene, sucralosis

Its beneficial effects on a human organism are significant:

  • suitable for reducing or diabetic diet
  • as a diet pulp accelerates flow of nutrients through digestive tract
  • in the small intestine, works as a bifidogenic substrate and number of bifi-bacteria increases to the detriment of eventual pathogens; it also supports renewal of intestinal microflora, for instance, after taking antibiotics
  • has preventive and currant effect on intestinal infections and stimulates organism immune system
  • important for colon cancer prevention, as it avoids cell mutation; acts on decreasing the LDL cholesterol level
  • increased absorption of some minerals, mainly Ca, Mg, Fe, P, Zn, was demonstrated with animals, which would be significant also for treatment of osteoporosis and anemia if this was demonstrated also with humans
  • carcinostatic action on lacteal gland cancer was also demonstrated in animal experiments.


The preparation is especially suitable for preventive use or after antibiotics treatment.  The active substance is high concentration of Inulin and vitamin C.  It improves immunity of the entire organism, mainly constrains growth of harmful "SALMONELLA" bacteria, in longer application, it reduces level of cholesterol, sugar and other lipidic parameters in blood. It has very positive effects in case of diabetes and conditions with impaired glucose tolerance mainly by reducing the glycaemic index of food, thus less straining secretion of insulin.  It optimizes growth of bacteria positive for a human "LAKTOBACILUS, BIFIDOBACILUS".

High concentration of inulin in the tablet can cause the tablet to soften under longer action of higher temperature.  Keep INULIN in a refrigerator at higher ambient temperatures.


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