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Yucca Shidigera 98,5%
120 tablet á 500 mg

Yucca Shidigera 98,5%


120 tablets, 500 mg each
Product Price :  
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Contains: yucca shidigera
  • Efficient natural cleaner of organism
  • reduces cholesterol level
  • cleans digestive tract and vessels
  • activates and regulates secretion processes
  • relieves rigid joints
  • detoxifies organism
  • reduces stress exposure
Recommended Daily Dose: 2 to 4 tablets.

Most of us live hurried and even immoderate life.  Our organism keeps being clogged with toxins, which it, in course of time, cannot get rid of.  Hardly anybody practices so-called relieving or fasting days or other cleaning cures.
Therefore, it is required to perfectly wake up the secretion, excretion and detoxication functions of our organism.  A big number of diseases are caused by the organism having been clogged with sediments, which have deposited in cells, organs, blood or lymphatic vessels.  The more harmful additives in water, food and air the organism is exposed to, the more the cleaning and secretion system is strained.  Negative effects also come from a lack of motion, fear, bad habits, such as lying.
With its extraordinary properties and effects, the plant of American deserts called Yucca Schidigera also got into the group of cleaning mechanisms, such as sweat cures, Roman, Finnish or Russian-Turkish baths and herbal teas.  Under extreme conditions, when the daily temperatures reach 50 degrees C, the night temperatures fall down to–15 degrees C, this desert grass vegetates, grows green, blossoms in a beautiful yellow color and fruits, which is exceptional from the botanic point of view.  It is mainly interested for containing very efficient substances called saponins.
Miraculous Saponins
The Indians have known Yucca since long ago, they tribute and respect it.  They say that it acts on everything.  This statement necessarily had to appear naive, but the scientific research proved this is really true.  The saponins act in the human body on all surfaces of mucous membrane, skin, vessels, by reducing the surface tension.  Thus it works as a cleaner and removal of everything that has attached or stuck there, such as:
chronic inflammation, mucous allergic infiltrate, sclerotic cholesterol plates, polypus or crystals, mineral gravel or sand.  This eliminates hypercholesterolemia, risk of myocardial infarction, sinusitis with or without polypus, allergic syndromes on skin and mucous membrane.  Eliminates migraine, improves rheumatic diseases, arthrosis and disseminated sclerosis and degenerative diseases of spine, such as Bechterew.  It cleans mucous membrane of digestive tract, liver, pancreas and urinary tract organs.  It is often possible to refrain from some urology operations.  However, use of this plant requires big portion of patience.  The cleaning process lasts even for several months.  It depends on degree of the organism contamination, as well as age.  The cleaning action has been demonstrated – a man gets rid of 0,5 2 kg sediments, mainly from vessels and joints.  It improves motion, arrhythmical heart gets regular, blood pressure, cholesterol and uric acid get normal.  Long-term taking is required with allergies and malignant tumors.  After operation and chemotherapy, the preparation from this herb blocks dispersion into metastases.
It is absolutely nontoxic, absolutely harmless, suitable also for pregnant women in all stages of pregnancy, breast-feeding mothers, newborns and infants.
MUDr.Jiří Štangl

From letters
Good morning, I would like to ask if it is really possible that yucca shidigera could clean vessels in a way that one could avoid operation - by-pass.  I have a friend, who has been smoking a lot for years and they have serious cardiac problems in their family.  After examinations in November 2008, the internal doctor classified 3 clogged vessels to various extent.  I prescribed him yucca shidigera and aloe vera gel.  Aloe vera has a strong detoxication action, accelerates peristatics of intestine and supplies organism with valuable substances, which are the energy for heart.  He is a very disobedient patient and it was rather a strategic move from my side, because he was getting out of breath, and still continued smoking.  Already after the first week, he felt a big relief and he feels much better today.  The doctors should note clinic changes after examination, but they unfortunately listen to this.  They say that is a vessel is clogged, there is no way to clean it, adding that these are just subjective feelings and if the patient discontinues these medicals, the problems will return.  He knows that detoxication is a long-term process, but does not know how to avoid operation and how to make the doctors to repeat the examination.  He has not been given a date for the operation, but they want to schedule him sometimes in February.  Could you please advise how it is possible to at least postpone this process or how to deal with the doctors?  Thank you.  Blanka Malá
Let me add one more thing.  This man has demonstrable clinic symptoms of improvement.  He dashes like a devil, walks up the stairs with shopping.  He could do none of these activities last year.  I will appreciate your response. Blanka Malá
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Yucca from letters
Yucca Doctor Information  

Yucca from letters

My cervicals
I would like to share my great pleasure with the successful action of your product YUCCA shidigera on my health.
Four years ago, I underwent an ultrasound examination in a hospital, when they diagnosed clogging of cervicals, 60% on the left and 30% on the right.  Although I was more particular about the recommended nutrition, my condition was gradually worsening in the annual examinations.  And so this year, the doctors recommended me an operation, as clogging of cervicals became really serious, 70 % on the left and 50 % on the right.
In the last year’s Christmas market, I visited your stand and bought product YUCCA shidigera and started using it this year in spring.  Coincidently, I lifted a heavy object at home in the application period and was taken to the hospital with a suspicion of cerebral apoplexy.  After thorough CT, ultrasound and magnetic resonance examinations, I was found to have clogged cervicals, 30 % on the left and none on the right.
I am really grateful for your product that helped significantly improve my health and health of many others with similar problems.  I am a long-term consumer of other products of yours, as well.  I would not be here anymore without Inulin and Gvaranal.  I take these on a regular basis and I am very satisfied with their action on my health.
Eva K. Brno 12 / 2005
Dear all,
I am a person, who does not like rampant advertisement, as it is always paid for by the consumer in the product price.
But sometimes a person discovers exceptionally interesting things.  I bough a yellow leaflet from some exhibition, promoting your product YUCCA shidigera 98,5%.  As I am 52 years old, I tried to clean myself with YUCCA in line with the instructions.  The result was unbelievable.  Cholesterol at normal level, good motion of joints (knee-bends like in my youth), gallstone reduced to half, so I thought I was healthy relatively to my age.  All members of my family have already completed this cleaning cure.
But let me explain to you why I am writing to you.  We have a family in Poland and they have been speaking about some miracle from Peru called Vilcacora for about three years.  Then we found out you produce Vilcacora.  Assuming it would be as efficient as your YUCCA, I immediately bought it and start testing it.  I have been taking two tablets a day for about six months.  I would like to advise what they do not write about much.  My varicose veins reduced and hemorrhoids, which I had learnt to live with since delivery, almost disappeared (over 32 years).
If you have an opportunity to publish this information somehow, please do so, you will help a lot of people with similar problems, and I do not regard hemorrhoids or varicose veins as diseases or defect.
Thank you for being particular about quality and efficiency of your products, thus making life of many people more pleasant.
Jana. S., Havířov
Having returned from hospital, he was taking a number of medicines, he started to have sugar in blood, cholesterol, holarthritis got worse.  Then he started to take your products, Inulin + vit.C, Diamid, YUCCA shidigera 98,5%.  In the last examination, the doctor was satisfied, as the sugar, cholesterol and holarthritis are ok, as well as his blood pressure.  All this thanks to your products.  Thank you for them.  Zdena S., Havlíčkův Brod
......... Along with my order, let me tell you that I am really satisfied with your products.  They discharge their function excellently.  They serve to entire family of mine, but mainly to myself.  Thank you.  Irena S. Plzeń
1302 | Hana Klumplerová | July 4, 2008, 4:59 pm > Good morning, I do not have a question, I just would like to thank for your preparations Femigard and Yucca.  I am not a fan of HA, so when irregular cycles started, I first sought help in natural alternatives.  My friend advised me to try your preparations.  After 3 packs of Femigard, the cycle is repeatedly 28 or 29 days and absolutely perfect like 10 years ago (please note I am 44 years old).  Then I started to take yucca.  I am now finishing the second pack and my pressure is back at normal for the first time in 7 years :) and I am enjoying the nice feeling of free sinus nasal without pressure or pain (I was really surprised by so intensive three-week cleaning of sinuses).  Thank you once again, I will keep taking your products.  Hana

Yucca Doctor information
Statement on Nutrition Supplements Yucca shidigera 98,5 %
The root of the plant growing in the North and South America called Yucca shidigera contains a number of substances, which are characterized as saponins from the biochemical point of view.  These are mostly triterpenic and steroid saponins, only a small portion of which absorbs in the intestine, but majority remains in the intestine unabsorbed.  Therefore, it mainly acts in the digestive tract are, but the consequences are much wider.
Saponins are substances present in a number of vegetable species, just for illustration, it also includes a number of “ginsengoides” contained in the known ginseng.  But they mostly occur in concentration of 8-10 %, the valued root of Yucca shidigera contains more than 30 % based on the presented documents.
Now about a specific effect of these saponins on human organism.  We must mainly state that they have anti-oxidation effect that acts in the entire organism, in particular, there is data demonstrating reduction in the amount of free radicals in the cardiovascular system, i.e. in vessels and heart, and this effect is also observed in liver.  The anti-oxidation effect is also potentiated by the fact that saponins facilitate absorption of other naturally occurring and required substances with anti-oxidation effect, flavonoides (better known to the public as bioflavonoides).  The adverse effect of the “free radicals” on a number of human organ systems has been proved sufficiently.  Therefore, presence of substances, which these free radicals “extinguish”, means a positive condition, which preventively helps improve the person’s health, including but not limited to, life prolongation.
Saponins are used in nature and our lives to adjust some fermenting processes.  They also limit saprobic processes in animal intestine, which lead to formation of substances with adverse effect on organism activity.  A human suffers such conditions, for instance, in case of some inflammatory diseases of intestine, but also hepatic cirrhosis.  Nevertheless, a number of people even without these diseases have changed intestinal microflora, and they also note a positive effect of saponins.
Adjustment of intestinal microflora improves absorption of a number of nutrient required for normal and correct function of a number of systems, including but not limited to, the immune system.  A number of studies have recently appeared, which prove apparent improvement of immune system after normalization, or at least improvement of intestinal microflora of a human, evoked by various methods, also using saponins.
Saponins help reduce the level of cholesterol in blood, especially fractions with low density (i.e. LDL – so-called „bad cholesterol“), whereas administration of preparations from yucca increase the level of cholesterol with higher density (HDL – i.e. so-called „good cholesterol“).  This effect along with active effect of saponins on the vessel wall supports slowdown of development of sclerotic changes, mainly with persons with higher cholesterol level.
Besides effecting cholesterol, saponins also help achieve balance between two systems affecting blood coagulation of a human, i.e. prostacyclines and thromboxanes.  Their imbalance leads to tendency with higher risk of thrombus, so in its consequence, also to higher risk of cardiac and cerebral vascular incidents in case of damaged vessels.  In normal medical practice, we affect this imbalance by administering small doses of acetylsalicylic acid (preparations Aspirin, Anopyrin, Acylpyrin, etc.  A similar effect can also be achieved using yucca without any risk of adverse side effects, which may occur sometimes even with this small dose of aspirin.
Similarly to observing reduction of cholesterol, saponins also slow down absorption of sugars, so it also reduces the glycaemic index.  And the glycaemic index reduction is observed as a result of action of saponins with diabetics, mainly diabetics of type 2.
We can also calculate other positive effects the saponins have on a human, but this would be a rather long analysis.  On the other hand, we must realize that these are substances of a natural character without any adverse effect observed with a human.  It is also true that these substances are present not only in the evaluated preparation from yucca, but also in a number of other vegetable products, such as soya, spinach, asparagus, tomatoes, green tea leaves, and in a number of other vegetable products. So the question is different – can we consume such amount of such naturally occurring substances to ensure sufficient amount of all needed substances?  But this means to consume almost 1 kg of vegetable and fruit every day, and some nutrition experts indicate even more.  This method of adjusted nutrition can be associated with a number of digestion problems for those individuals, who are not vegetarians.  Therefore, if we do not want to significantly change our nutriment habits, it is good to take these or similar preparations in a form of nutrition supplements for the above-mentioned reasons.  This will help eliminate or at least significantly reduce the negative effects of improper living and the associated improper nutriment habits.  This gives us an opportunity to improve our health condition, or prolong our own life.
The fundamental aspect for using the yucca or other preparations is a change of our lifestyle or change of our nutriment habits, the yucca or other preparations should be just a supplement where we cannot consume sufficient quantity of fruit and vegetable on a regular and continuous basis for various reasons, perhaps due to existence of a number of dyspeptic problems.  A big mistake would be just consummation of various nutrition supplements, though highly efficient, but without significant and permanent regime adjustment.
doc. MUDr Lubomír Kužela, DrSc.

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