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MUDr. Václav Vydra’s herbal concentrate
Bearing herbs: lime tree, chamomile, nettle, plantain, meadow-sweet, marsh-mallow.
It helps with syndromes of various origin, usually consequences of cold, such as:
  • rhinitis, cough, higher temperature, sweating
  • aching muscles, photodysphoria, lack of appetite
  • urinary tract inflammation and breathing problems due to cold
  • with side effects of anti-influenza medicals acting on gastric mucosa and with gastritis
Recommended Daily Dose drink a table-spoon of the concentrate in 1 dcl of liquid three times a day. ---300 ml = 35 doses
The composition of the herbal concentrate is based on various recommended mixtures against difficulties associated with the most frequent illnesses, such as cold, cough, influenzal diseases of upper respiratory tract, bronchial problems of various origin.  Extract is supporting preparation for antibiotic treatment, but can help with spontaneous recovery in case of slight problems.  It also acts in case of side effects of anti-influenza medicals, which often have a negative effect on gastric mucosa, but can be used with gastritis, mainly evoked by reaction to alcohol.  Another group of frequent diseases includes urinary tract inflammation associated with irritating urinary bladder, this mainly affects women and children, whether undercooling  or slight inflammation associated with frequent urination, and pressure in lower abdomen.  In this indication, Vitafort is hailed assistance bringing fast relief.
In general, Vitafort can be used as prevention in those seasons with frequent occurrence of slight inflammations of respiratory tract or problems with cold.  Dosing is simple, the preventive dose is a table-spoon in 1 dcl of warm water once a day.  In case of diseases, the dose is the above-described dose 3 – 4 times a day.  The formula is based on experience of five famous herbalists from Bohemia and Moravia.  Vitafort does not have any contraindications and no complications are observed, except for allergy to some of the components (nettle, chamomile).
MUDr. Václav Vydra, gynecologist and acupuncturist, Aš

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