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Q 10 koenzym + ženšen
60 tablet a 500 mg

Q 10 coenzyme + ginseng

Q 10 koenzym + ženšen
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Pack: 60 tablets
Tablets contain: Q 10 , ginseng root


  • for healthy heart
  • for correct function of muscles and nerves  
  • for body weight control
  • for correct cholesterol level
  • for sufficient life energy
  • for protecting organism against free radicals

The product consists of high-quality natural materials, is free of preserving agents, has a pleasant flavor.
Recommended use – Recommended Daily Dose 1 tablet twice a day.
Coenzyme Q10 is substance that transforms proteins, fat and saccharides to energy in our cells.  However, the ability of liver to produce this substance decreases as from the 20 years of age.
If its level falls by 25%, health worsens.
Another decrease by 50% means a serious diseases, or even death ………….

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