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PILOT - schizandra čínská 60%
100 tablet á 600 mg

PILOT - schizandra chinensis 60%



PILOT - schizandra chinensis 60%

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Contains: schizandra chinensis

This belongs to the first category of medicals in the traditional Chinese medicine.

Its task is to:

  • incite CNS, heart activity and breathing
  • improve sight sharpness and eye adaptation to red light
  • efficiently support treatment of damaged liver and kidney
  • mitigate pain and strain in shoulders and cervical spine
  • mitigate depression, cure impotency


Recommended Daily Dose 2 to 3 tablets a day. ---100 tablets, 600 mg each

In the traditional Chinese medicine, Schizandra belongs to the first category of Chinese medicals plants. The list of diseases and problems the human body reacts to after administration of Schizandra chinensis documents the possibility of its use: the fruit has stimulating action on central nervous system, stimulates cardiovascular system and breathing (stimulates the function of cardiovascular system, support breathing, expand peripheral vessels), improves sight sharpness, is used for treatment of asthenia, depressive conditions, normalize blood pressure, is used for treatment of impotence and kidney diseases, cures hypoglycaemia, support activity of heart and uterus.  Schizandra chinensis protects not only liver, but also supports normal liver functions including gall production, toxin degradation, improvement of blood flow.  The above-mentioned actions can be a direct result of its action on liver function.

It is also used for aching shoulder joints and cervical spine, nervous exhaustion, diabetes (reduces sugar level), hydropsy, night sweating and asthma.  It is a mental stimulant in small doses, with suppressing effects in large doses.

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