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MSM pro zdravé klouby
60 tablet á 600 mg

MSM for Healthy Joints

MSM na klouby
MSM for Healthy Joints
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Pack: 60 tablets, 600 mg each
The tablets contain substances with positive action on maintaining healthy joints:
herb Devil’s claw, MSM gelatine.

  • nourishes joints and moderate pain
  • support locomotive organs
  • maintain healthy, flexible joints and tendons
  • regenerate joints and tendons

Recommended Daily Dose – 1 to 2 tablets three times a day.  Required to increase consumed volume of liquids (water).
Suitable combination:
MSM tablets for joints, Beneflamus bohemicus – for good mobility, (re-juvenescent combination)
MSM tablets for joints, Gvaranal lecithin – for flexibility of joints and tendons
MSM tablets for joints, Inulin tabl. – for healthy bones, calcium absorption improvement
MSM tablets for joints, Antistress konc. – for physical health in stress situations
MSM – a substance that is contained in our product MSM tablets for healthy joints containing – mineral – natural sulphate, is significant for normal functioning and structure of your body.  Sulphur is a building stone for proteins and connective tissue, which form our physical material, for enzymes, which control numerous chemical reactions and for efficient natural compounds, which protect us against toxicity and harmful oxidation stress.  Sulphur is contained literally in every tissue, mainly in tissue containing large amount of proteins – erythrocytes, muscles, skin, hair and nails.  Sulphur also has a long tradition in curing, but it is being overlooked in the present fascination with vitamins and minerals.  Numerous medical researches conducted in course of years indicate that a lower amount of sulphur than usual is contained in arthritic joints.  The research proved that the concentration of sulphur in arthritic gristle achieved only one third of the amount contained in normal gristle.
MSM – natural sulphur helps:
reinforce nails and hair
- growth of healthy skin, gristle, connective tissue
- eliminate inflammation, use with joint diseases – osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis
- mitigate aching and swelling
Safety, toxicity, side effects:
It is a safe, nontoxic substance free of adverse side effects.  The substance tolerance is very good.  Another component of our product MSM tablets for healthy joints is a plant - Harpagophytum procumbens – to be used with arthritis and rheumatism for its anti-inflammatory action.
After the end of the World War II, harpagophytum was used in medical facilities all over the South Africa and in some hospitals and clinics in Germany as treatment of some inflammatory diseases.  Most of these experiments brought partial or full success.
The first published report on these initial researches was released in 1958.  This report states that harpagophytum efficiently inhibits inflammation and swelling in case of experimentally evoked arthritis. (Zorn.B. Uber die antiarthritische Wirkung der Harpagophytum. Wurzel 1958).  In 1962, the active substance harpagoside was identified (Tunman,P. a Lux, R. „ Zur Kenntniss der Inhaltsstoffe aus der Wurzel von H.p. „ Deutsche Apotheker-Zeitung, 1274-1275,1962 and 395-396.1963) and in 1970, this component was subjected to rigorous cross pharmaceutical tests, which confirmed the anti-inflammatory action. (Eichler,O.Koch, C. „Uber die antiphlogistische, analgetische und spasmolytische Wirksamkeit von Harpagosid. “Arzneimittel-Forschung, 20(1),107-109, 1970).  The preparations from the entire harpagophytum appeared to be more efficient that pure harpagoside.  It was proved that both were safe, and in addition, that the anti-arthritic action is not a result of some action of the plant against pain, because the plant does not have such action.  Meanwhile, there were more reports declaring good clinic results.  In one case, over 100 patients were treated either with harpagophytum itself or in combination of the plant and conventional treatment.  There were more and more proofs of poisonless action.  Other important components were identified: harpagit, procumbit, beta-sitosterol, stigmasterol, fatty acids, triterpen and flavonoides.  More recent reports state that preparations made from harpagophytum are very good for treatment of chronic rheumatism, arthritis, holarthritis, aching lower part of back caused by spondylolysis, (non-inflammatory disases of vertebral disks, which lose their flexibility, and in more difficult cases, can prolapse and suppress the spinal root with consequences on motion and sensitivity of certain part of body), neuro-allergy, headache and lumbago (lumbago, with sudden pain in lumbar area associated with convulsion of back muscles).  One study states that the anti-inflammatory action of the plant are identical with action of pyrazole derivates and phenylbutasone, generally prescribed against arthritis.  There are also reports stating action against pain, which are, however, of a subjective character.  Objective tests did not result unambiguously in this point.  Relief from pain is probably a positive side effect of inflammation inhibition.  There are frequent reports on improved joint motion, and also on improved feeling of well-being.  The doctors in Europe normally apply injections of extracts from harpagophytum directly to the arthritic joints, where these act on reduction of inflammation almost similarly to cortisone.  Like in most procedures of arthritis treatment, this method has not noted success in all cases either.  But there are enough of the successful ones to guarantee further exploration of the plant and also to be recommended as possible currant procedure.
British Pharmacopoeia acknowledges that harpagophytum has anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, analgetic, sedative (mitigating) and diuretic properties and that it is suitable in case of rheumatism, arthritis (joint inflammation), holarthritis (joint disease caused by metabolism disorder and uric acid secretion), myalgia (aching muscles), fibrosis (reproduction of tissue in certain organ to the detriment of its functional tissue), lumbago (see above) and recommends this plant for rheumatism treatment (British Herbal Pharmacopoeia, British Herbal Medical Association, West Yorks).
A medical statement concerning Harpagophyte of the institute in EU dealing with action of currant herbs on organism:
helps strengthen locomotive organs
- helps maintain joints in good health condition
- helps maintain elasticity of joints and tendons
- helps maintain good mobility.

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