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Gastro Hemann
300 ml

Gastro Hemann

Gastro HEMANN 
Pack: 300 ml
Product Price :

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MUDr. Václav Vydra’s herbal concentrate

Product contains the following herbs: blackheart, doorweed, lady’s mantle, odorous dill, European elder, swine’s snout
The original formula of used herbs is beneficial for digestion and fat metabolism.  It helps maintain optimum digestion without flatulence and good condition of gastric juices.
It maintains:

  • healthy intestines without flatulence
  • good condition of gastric juices
  • normal level of sugar in blood
  • good condition of entire alimentary tract
  • normal stool, eventually also physical and mental well-being

Recommended Daily Dose – mix a tea-spoon of concentrate with 1 dcl of liquid and drink it before or during your meal three times a day.  It can be used without interruption, as required.

Suitable Combinations:
Gastro Hemann concentrate, Vilcacora tablets – healthy intestines without flatulence
Gastro Hemann concentrate, Yucca 98,5% tablets – good motion
Gastro Hemann concentrate, Antistress concentrate – well functioning gallbladder, stomach
Gastro Hemann concentrate, Inulin tablets – good level of glucose in blood

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