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Femigard II - HEMOSTOP

Femigard II - HEMOSTOP

Product Price :

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MUDr. Václav Vydra’s herbal concentrate

Bearing herbs: yarrow, nettle, toothwort, peppermint, strawberry, horsetail

Femigard II - HEMOSTOP acts in:

  • strong atopomenorrhoea
  • formation of blood clots, reduces blood losses
  • reduction of menses duration and soiling duration
  • rhinorrhagia in form of pledget
  • bleeding surface scratches in form of applications
  • hemorrhoid and gingivae bleeding
  • formation of numerous and frequent blood suffusions

WARNING: use for a maximum of 7 days, if bleeding continues, seek for a doctor, unsuitable in case of high blood sedimentation rate and thrombosis treatment

RECOMMENDED DAILY DOSE a tea-spoon 2 - 3 times a day.

From letters:

….. I have been picking currant herbs for majority of my life.  I have tried to substitute Femigard II with a tea made from identical mix, but I must admit that efficiency of your product is at least three times faster and more intensive.  Among others, it also cured by ureteritis without any other medicals……… M. D. Cheb

.... Dear friends, let me thank you for your excellent product Femigard II - Hemostop.  I have been using it for almost 10 years as an excellent agent to stop bleeding in general, mainly for rhinorrhagia.  A cellulose pledget soaked in Femigard II inserted in a nose stops even strong bleeding within 1 minute.  Since I started to use it, my patients do not have to undergo ORL examination and unpleasant nasal packing.  In this respect, I would like to put in a word for expansion of your product range with F II - Hemostop in a smaller pack (approximately 50 - 100 ml), as consumption for this treatment significantly smaller than for internal use.  The group of colleagues, who use Femigard II – Hemostop for their patients in the above-described way is gradually expanding, achieving identical results.  According to the information I have, we would miss this product not only in our region, but also our colleagues in Prague and Central Bohemia, and certainly also in other regions.  Thank you.  I wish you professional success ….. Regards, MUDr. Zdeňka Růžičková, General Practitioner for Children and Juvenils, Karlovy vary

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