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Echinacea sirup + vitamin C
sirupové kapky 100 ml

Echinacea sirup + vitamin C



Echinacea syrup + vitamin C
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Bearing herb: Echinacea purpurea flower, stem, root, vitamin C
It helps maintain good health condition, as protection against infections

Its task is to:

  • improve organism immunity
  • reduce ability of viruses and bacteria to cause infection
  • improve condition of body connective tissue
  • improve virostatic efficiency

Recommended Daily Dose 12 drops. ---100 ml = 166 doses

Curative action of Echinacea was known already by the original inhabitants of the North America – the Indians. For instance, the Omana tribe members used juice from fresh plants for skin inflammation and injuries, paste from ground roots as anesthetics for limb aches, infection diseases, stinging by insect and snakebite. Curative action of Echinacea is demonstrable. There are about 200 types of preparations from thimbleweed just in Germany..

The plant roots, which are the most valuable from the phytotherapeutic point of view, were found to contain high volume of active substances, mainly 1% of echinacoside, 1,5% volatile oil, up to 0,9% of resin, inulin, pentosanes, polyines, polyenes, higher fatty acids, polysaccharides, tanning agents, sterols, flavonoids, and others.  Polyines, for instance, have virostatic effects and act similarly to antibiotics. Presence of Echinacea makes it very hard for viruses and bacteria to cause infection. Other contained substances improve fighting power of organism, so-called unspecified immunity, strongly act on maintaining and curing body connective tissues.

The USDA researches have managed to isolate a substance from the plant that prevents tumors from growing. The herb probably stimulates production of key lymphocytes, which activate cells destroying the cancer.

In general, the product is suitable in case of sporting load and hard work, to maintain good health condition, and as a protection against infection. However, the currant use is wide. It mainly can be taken as prevention and auxiliary treatment for influenza and virus diseases.

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